20 July 2011

Its my life

Im not feeling well today. Its not that I am sick or physically ill, but maybe im just not well emotionally. Somethings wrong and I can tell. People expect from us and when we fail its as if its a criminal offense of not being able to meet their standards and what they expect of me. Well, life's like that. Simple things made complicated because of convictions and beliefs of other people that they want to impose on us coz thats what they feel is right and ideal and proper. Maybe, they're right and Im wrong. Or maybe we have a generation gap and things dont work around they they think it worked 30 years ago. Bottom line in the end its all about me and what I decide to do about it, its up to me coz its my life what ever the consequences of my actions I know I am fully accountable and I am responsible, this is my life anyway.


keep_faith_hope_glory said...

afer i read ur post i find out that you and me have so much thing in common

ZELMARQ said...

hello friend, i thank you for taking time to read, its good that we can relate to each others experiences.

have a nice day.