15 July 2011

A new Look

I have changed my template again. Again! Yes, again, and this is for the nth time. It was kinda boring and I never had that much motivation to blog anymore so I guess a little tweak could inspire to blog. well, my next posts could prove how blog stimulating this new template could be. But, so far, I guess a new look could inspire me to blog more and more. I was a bit busy the previous days and had no enough motivation to post new ideas and new things, nothing came to mind, there were lots of things that came along that I just let it slip through my fingers and never talked about it here. Somehow, I have chosen to be silent and kept just a memory in my heart and mind and soon forget them to oblivion. Im just a trying hard blogger, a second rate trying hard copycat but I enjoy doing this, im not also a writer, im just a second rate trying hard feeling writer, wahehehehehe, I wish I am, I envy those who have the skill but I can just stare and watch in silence.