21 July 2011

Thank You Lord

Thank you Lord!
Its a beautiful day! Yesterday my heart was anxious and worried but God has given me this joy in my heart and peace of mind. God has a way of making miracles in our lives when things seemed vague and dark but somewhere behind the darkness comes the light that will reveal God's loving promises. He is always faithful, He loves us so much and will give us the desires of our heart as long as we seek Him first in our lives.

I talked with Ate babes ( she is my spiritual leader)  yesterday, I prayed hard before the talk since I expected other things from her, I expected to be reprimanded and imagined things beyond understanding. But praise God she spoke of encouragement and spoke of her frustrations and share her dreams for the training apartment and for the ministry. I know hoe she and her husband worked hard for the ministry and how they have given their lives for the ministry and for the training house but felt dismayed with the attitudes of the people in the training house. Im one of those living in the training house and felt shame that I was not doing the things that is expected of me and me co housemates. I felt relieved and jumped for joy after we talked and I shared it with my house mates. Though what we talked about was not at all positive things but as a whole it brought joy and peace to my heart. I am filled with hope and I have felt the goodness of God.
Thank you Lord, thank you for everything!


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