08 August 2011

Get Moving to feel Better

She sets about her work vigorously, her arms are strong for her tasks.....
She is clothed with strength and dignity, she can laugh at the days to come.
Proverbs 31:17;25

Exercise! Its god's amazing design to release stress that's fun, free and available the moment we are. Its free, all we need is time to do it and the will to make it as part of our daily regimen. Exercise revs up our body's  capacity to let go of tension, clears our mind, strengthens our body and gives us more energy. As we do this, we'll feel better in body and in spirit as the benefits of exercise help us experience a simpler life. Our bodies feel lighter if we make exercise a lifestyle.

A few months before  the clock hit 5pm, I can feel back pains, head ache and even body pains. it was all stress related, sitting all day as a teller, I even forget to take 15 minute break and only the get the chance to stand up for nature's call.  It was not a healthy lifestyle, it was all work work work, stress stress. Loads of work and I go home late in the evening and most often I sleep without taking my dinner cause I always think Im deprived of sleep and I crave for lots of sleep.It was a vicous cycle, it went on an on and, reached to a point that I got addicted to back massage coz it was the soothing way to chase the back pains away. Then, I realized I was only curing the cause of stress, bottom line, problem not solved. One day our officemate asked if I'd join the aero dance every tuesdays and thursdays, I said yes and joined the first session that afternoon. At first I felt awkward coz im not the dancer type and the steps were somewhat complicated, then as wee progressed I love the sweaty feeling and the sweat dripping from my face was a therapy. Day two was full of excitement and the nest sessions were filled with fun and also served as bonding time with officemates and friends.

As the weeks and months passed dancing regularly felt better, I feel light and energized and the back pains were gone.I had more energy and I felt calmer. My schedule hadnt changed , but my attitude had- and it made a difference.

Ready to de-stress?
Talk a walk, dance. And as we step out marvel at God's intricate design; feet that support us, the knees to bend just right, bones that give us structure and muscles that strengthen us.As we walk and dance our heart quickens to match the tempo of our steps and our lungs inflate fully to bring to our body the oxygen it needs. As we do this  lets turn our thoughts to the Lord. Thanking him for knitting together our body and mind so that as we move physically, we move mentally too. tension slips away. We  feel lighter and more energized.


Little choices add to big benefits. Take the stairs, park farther from the store or walk the dog.

Exercise with a friend to enjoy good physical and mental heath plus great conversation.

Start walking slowly, then gradually build up your endurance until you notice increased energy and decreased stress.

Forgive yourself for times you've started to exercise but did not follow through.