04 August 2011

Ticktock Stop The Clock

Help me, God, to slow down, to be silent, so I can hear you
and do Your will not mine.
Marian Wright Edelman

We have many responsibilities- so many in fact, we sometimes wonder how will we able to accomplish everything. Life feels like a whirlpool of activities as we press more tasks into fewer hours. Sometimes I wish there were more than 24 a hours a day so that I have more time to do more things, yet no matter how we try to do things as efficient and and fast as we can it seems that time also passed by so swiftly we never noticed it. The key is to pray, seeking God's wisdom about how to best use our time, then lets begin to do changes and as we do this we will experience a more leisurely schedule and calmer spirit, as well as discover the simplicity we desire.

I wake up early in the morning, have my quiet time, its the best secret that my bible study leader to start the day, read God's word for today to sustain us and to prepare us what ever comes along. I dont rush and I take time to hear what God wants to tell. I take time to exercise, just a few bending and stretches to awaken the physical body and take an early bath. Eat breakfast and go for work early. With this lifestyle I have I realized that I am not doing things in a hurry and always have time pause in the office and prepare things before I start my tellering activities. I used to bring work at home but stopped doing it coz I got lesser time to rest and relax at home.God cares about even the smallest detail of our day, so let us trust Him to help us. I am assured that God desires rest for me, taking the heart of the words of Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God."
As we pray to the Lord and have faith in His guidance, our lives become less hurried. We will slow down and discover a calm, restful spirit as we live a simple life.


Pray each morning for God's wisdom on how you can best use your time that day.

Set aside several evenings per week that you commit to being at home.
Enjoy peace and rest.

Reduce by half the amount of time you watch tv. Take pleasure in conversation, reading, or a quiet hobby instead.

I need to slow down. And I'm asking the Lord to help me do it. I want to move slowly enough to be aware of all the joys He has hidden for me. I want to slow down enough to grow as He wants me to grow. I want to be quiet enough to hear Hid voice. I need His wisdom to know how to spend my time and how to order my days.
Kathryn Hillen