10 August 2011

Beyond Hallmark Happiness

Ask and you will recieve and your joy will be complete. John 16:24
I envy this guy, im complete with limbs and arms yet i dont know how to swim....tsk tsk tsk

never seen a photo of him with a frown; its always with a smile....with joy....

always with a smile...so cute!
I got joy down in my heart , deep deep down in my heart. J - o - Y down in my heart deep deep down in my heart. Joy is a gift from God that we receive as we trust him, regardless of our circumstances. Unlike happiness, which comes and goes, joy is a deep, lasting confidence in God's faithfulness. I saw on youtube this joyful man Nick Vucijic, man born without limbs, but his smiles reveal the kind of joy in serving God and being used by God despite his condition. His life is a testimony of God's goodness, a life that alone trusts in God. Im blessed with his life and his positive outlook, its a miracle. Nick's difficult circumstance becomes the gateway through which God gives him a glad heart.

We too, can consciously choose to receive joy, whatever we face, from life's irritations to overwhelming crises, let's immerse ourselves in thoughts of God's love for us.Let us remember that while events change and shift he never does, he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are secure in the Lord no matter what happens. Allow worries, problems and tensions to lessen their grip in our hearts. "You will fill me with joy of your presence"( Pslam 16:11).


Read the book of Philippians. The writer Paul,  experienced many hard times and much joy.

Sing or listen to praise songs, especially ones that help us focus on God's faithfulness.

Surround ourselves with joy filled  friends, allowing them to model them for us how to receive a glad heart.