16 August 2011

Ending the paper chase

Reward Yourself for getting on top of your own personal paper mountain.....
The joy of being able to put your hands on information you need, when you need it is real.
Georgene Lockwood

Papers- here, there and everywhere!
I uncluttered my packed things and was surprised with the papers I kept for years, some were way back college days and things that I kept bringing with me where ever I go. I decided in my heart to let go of all those papers, and around my room. I have gathered a sack of them and was contented with the feeling of lightness, like im floating, wow, I love it. It seemed that I have accomplished something great, I have  cleaned the clutter and burned the things I ought to burn years ago.Its a powerful step toward simplicity. I have replaced piles with order; I now  where to find things when I need them, I was looking for my civil service certificate and took a longer time to find it coz I have to check every pack and check it one by one. AT least now I feel a sense of calm and control, it makes life simple.
I have to go through the whole process if I have the luxury of time to check each paper singly. Do I need to throw it away, file it away, I know I have to be patient, give it a lot of time. If I will persevere the spot on top of my cabinet will be clean, wonderfully clean.

This is what the Lord says: Put your house in order.
Isaiah 37:1


In a daily basis check papers around and see how to deal it, dont allow it to grow more and more each day coz there will come a time that its harder for us to manage the paper clutter.

use wire baskets to gather papers so that you can find what you need, when you need it, and experience less stress.

Segregate important papers with the use of folder or clear book for convenience, thats what i did to simplify and organize my papers.