01 August 2011

A teller's life

Its July 29, 2011, due for ngn and legacy lines which means this is going to be a very busy day with lots of people and as expected the business office will overflow with paying subscribers. But, the sad thing is that the payment system is down. Its always been like this for the whole week, the system is off and on every day, its frustrating that we have to manually encode the payments and encode it the day after. Wew! Im helpless, cant do anything about this. How can this be? A telecommunications company as big as this one is also as slow as this one. Tsk tsk tsk, life is like this, we may not like everything but we have to embrace wholeheartedly even if most of the time we lose our patience and get tired of a system that is totally out of our control. Its a test of patience and endurance, and a test that we will manage to smile despite the odds the subscribers are there vigilant and sensitive, more often than not I feel like a clown, you have to smile, pretend its always ok, take care of them with grace because they deserve the best and the way we serve them should not affect minor setbacks that may come along the way. I wish the system will be ok tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day!