09 September 2011

Chasing the blues away

Its my way of chasing the blues away. Food, food, food and food. Just food. My therapy,  in the office its the best therapy we have. We comfort each other through food. I love to eat ice cream when im sad or when a subscriber scold me. Of course I cant fight back, I just sit there smile ( fake smile) and nod and nod and nod. There was a case that I ran to the comfort room to cry after an irate subscriber threatened me and shouted at me. Hmmmm too onion skinned. I just like that.
peach and banana ice cream @ shakey's pizza
Loved the ice cream. They said it was peach and bananas ice cream but minus the banana, they ran out of bananas, it was great though, I guess it was best without the bananas, with the peaches alone the ice cream was perfect.
bunch of lunch salad
 I tried this, with salad, most often I order bunch of lunch : mojos, pizza and chicken and this time I tried this for a change, it was better than mojos, I enjoyed it, the veggies were fresh and I felt like I have eaten great fiber and my stomach smiled in delight.
pizza and spaghetti