26 October 2011

DIY explored

DIY? What;s this? I came across this word on a blog and I searched and now I know. It means Do It Yourself. I feel so stupid, but honestly I didnt know. SO i have considered this word my word for the day. I searched more then I saw sites that made me excited, like do it yourself cards, halloween decorations, cute crafts with crayons and the list goes on and on and I wanted to do them all LOL. Its the shiny syndrome, it hit me, I wanted to do a lot with so little time.


My Good Life Blog said...

Hey, you may go to hgtv.com, they have a show DIY and it really helps a lot to save money with regards to decorating the house.

ZELMARQ said...

wow, thats a lot of help my good life, thank you for the visit and have a nice day.