23 October 2011


Its my word for the day. I heard about this on the television and I just wonder what the word means and what the relevance of the word. I clicked google and searched for the word and checked Wikipedia to answer my questions and satisfy my curiosity. Mesothelioma, is a rare type of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many internal organs the mesothelium, It is usually caused by exposure to asbestos. Now, I saw the point why our company was so concerned about a so called asbestos leak and also rumors spread about the wood tiles used in the inner walls and linings of our office. we got so worried and so concerned about our health and speculations and even tension came. To answer our many questions our admin then requested for testing and checking if the rumors that spread our was true about asbestos, Im also concerned, there were black colored liquid that fell from the very top of our builing and trckled down untik the ground floor staining even our walls and damaging the paints.

The company requested experts from and submitted the samples to  Manila for testing and it was found out that it was negative. Hmmmm, but still i had doubts about the truth but I guess they were telling us the truth of the matter and I could now stop from thinking that the reason of two deaths among officemates was the asbestos leak and all, I cant blame myself for the association and I just hope all will be well.


Soulful said...

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