01 October 2011

My Knight

Aside from physical features, there are seven essential traits I look for in a man.

Looking for

Male Homo sapiens


I. God fearinghe must be someone who loves the Lord above all... someone who loves the Lord more than me...
II. Intelligence with humordoes not have to be like Albert Einstien but someone who is interesting enough

III. UnderstandingIm a very unpredictable lass
just the kind who could balance it

IV. Nature and pet lover

someone who enjoys great sunsets, great beaches,
great views and who'd be glad to help with my cacti collection
enjoys the company of my many cats and dogs

V. ApologeticIt takes more courage
To say one word instead of three
Egotists, sorry

VI Poetic and thoughfulOh my Juliet, Oh Romeo my Romeo
its really romantic if someone gives u poems and sweet stuff
like chocolates and flowers.....

VII Historical
its also nice if he would remember important and significant dates
like anniversaries or monthsaries, birthdays

Thanks to Corsarius who tagged me to do this. The haikus aren't required, I just spiced up the meme. Now lets se if my friends in facebook could join in and enjoy the fun.