13 October 2011

Seawead gelatin from Cabadbaran

macapuno flavored seaweed strips (white color) and pandan flavor cubed seaweed ( green color)
      It was raining hard last saturday, and ororama superstore in cogon became my refuge. I went inside the grocery to buy some stuff for the week long budgeting ( i was the in charge for  meals for one week in charge for the menu making, marketing and all ). There were people inside the grocery with a lot of free stuff to enjoy, there were samples of soup, and noodles and a lot of yummy stuff, I tasted everything (hehehehe, the soup kept me warm and it was yummy, the juice was refreshing, the biscuit was great). Then there I met Ms. Anna Bel from Cabadbaran, who introduced me to her seaweeds strips, I thought it was coconut strips but I was amazed when she told me it was seaweed since it tasted great and fantastic. Im fond of salads and bought one pack of strips and the cubes. It was great and tasted fantastic and also very easy to prepare, no sweat and no cooking needed, just mixing and done.

 The Best Of Seaweeds/ Carrageanan
     Seaweeds grows on rocks, in rock in pools in the lower intertidal and shallow sub-tidal zones. This is famously known in the Philippines as "GUSO" in the market. Guso as seaweed vegetable was often boiled from which a nutritious jelly is made. There is wealth in the formation available about the health promoting and disease prevention properties of this wonderful vegetable and also a nutritional goldmine when ingested whole and or as food supplement which is very much available in the market.
Chemical Composition
     Oceanic herbs or sea vegetables contains more of the essentials elements of life, required for the normal body processes of animals, including humans than any other plants or herbs that grows on land. Therefore the seaweed vegetables when taken as part of a macrobiotic diet are extremely nutritious food stuff, essential for a healthy vitalized metabolism.
     Seaweed contains vitamin A, E, C, D, E and K, vitamins B1 and B2 and is one of the few vegetarian sources of B12. It also contains 15 of 18 essential elements of which the body is composed of. It contains a high content of Iodine, calcium, manganese, zinc, bromine, iron and protein and contains appreciable amount of calcium, magnesium and sodium phosphates.It is also low in fat with few calories, therefore ideal for body builders or those who are dieting, a helathy alternative to over the counter vitamins and mineral supplements.
Health Giving Benefits
Seaweeds or sea vegetables contribute to overall to General Health. Whats best of seaweeds?
      * It absorbs and concentrate the rich minerals and nutrients which abound in the oceans into their cell.
      * It helps eliminate the chemical waste we absorb everyday.
      * It has the ability to cure and abate the symptoms of cold and flu.
      * Contains several natural antimicrobial and anti- viral agents.
      * It exhibits activity against tuberculosis
      * Contains iodine, the thyroid gland exhibits a requirement  for this ion, thus iodine is required for proper gland function thus induce a change  in the grandular system from disease to health.
      * Iodine aids in the  release of tensions especially nervous tension which enhances the over all senses of well being.
      * It aids in the relief of rigors of the day after excessive alcohol consumption.
      * Effective against cancer and radiation poisoning.
      * Effective against halitosis: the formation of varicose vein inflammation.
      * Protects from fat and cholesterol build up.

Suggested preparation:

          1 kilo seaweed strips ( washed and drained)
          1 can condensed milk ( big)
          1 box all purpose cream
          1 can fruit cocktail
          cheese (optional)
          250 grams seaweed cubes

         mix all ingredients. Done in 15 minutes.


IVF Cancun said...

Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it.

ZELMARQ said...

you are most welcome, its ok to have apprehensions but i have tried it and it was really good.