28 November 2011

1st Unilab Cdo Marathon

the finisher's kit: the unilab bag, unilab water bottle, body scrub sample, moisturizer, water, and energy drink and  common medicines...

my jersey, its cool and soft...love it....

my race number
Its a nice feeling that I now have a new time record for my 5k run, the first 5k run i did it for more than one hour, this year i had 5:48 and now for the unilab run I got 5 minutes earlier the new record is 45:45. Im just as happy as ever. Im thinking of going the higher level to 10k. Wow? Can I do it? That's the question that can be answered by practice, discipline and commitment. I ran last October 16, 2011 for the 35th milo marathon with no proper preparation which caused me to feel body sore all over.  And now I ran again for the 5k and still with no preparation and now also caused me pains all over. Wish I could have a regular running regimen  to really keep me fit to run.Its about time to really have time for everything under the sun, we could never be too busy, we can always set aside work and must have time for rest.