16 November 2011

Guyabano, the miracle fruit

I love guyabano, its best when you shake it, I also enjoy fun of eating it with bare hands, kinda messy but the challenge makes it more yummy. I have learned just now that it can help cancer patients. A housemate ym me and told me about the miraculous fruit. I went straight to the internet and researched about the news and yes, I found lots of information about this seemingly ordinary fruit. That breast cancer patients were healed and there were researches conducted to validate the claims. True enough It was not published due to selfishness of those scientists who conducted the tests, they wanted to gain by replicating the properties but they failed.

I have a cyst on my left breast, about .5cm. Then, last year, the physician found another cyst on my other breast, she said its 5cm. I was really worried and I kept it to myself. I told my aunt about it and she said I could use guyabano leaves. She got leaves for me and she told me to boil it and drink it. I got the leaves and forgot about it, only remembered when I saw it inside my bag already wilted. Now, Im excited and im craving for guyabanos.Have to go home early and go to the market.



pinoy_oman said...

Hi Zelmarq,
Nice post. I am getting interested with what you've mentioned in mylot about those herbal supplements. If your community manufactured all those products it is quite a good business to start.

Zelmarq said...

Yes, it now exists in cebu, there are a number of products that used guyabano as the main ingredient. That includes juices and dried fruits. Its being promoted in tourist destinations where guyabano is abundant.

Thank you for leaving the first comment here.

Have nice day and God bless.