21 November 2011

Im back to google plus template

I kept on changing templates, i dont know. I wanted to try new look, and try to experiment on blog templates, I wanted something new. But I guess im in love head over heels with the google plus blogger template. That's why 'here I am again using it. Nothing compares to this most loved template of mine.
I have reasons why I kept on going back to google plus blogger template:

1. It looks clean and professional - no extra things around, with class with sophistication.
2. It loads fast - I have tried several templates, they look good but the problem is that it loads a little bit slower, readers would have problem in waiting for my page to load.
3. I have no problem with page elements- its easy to add widgets and stuff for my page.
....the problem is that Im having difficult time changing the logo, im still on the process of studying it...im not a techy person and it would take time for me to figure out, \i hope I would be able to do it.