26 November 2011

Im using econto template

Yes, Its a yes and again. I say it again I have changed templates.I just dont what came to my mind. I though I was in love with google plus template but now I can say im no longer in love with it.And now imve changed to a new template. I have changed to econto blogger template its nice and loads faster than any template that I have tried.

Why i swicthed to econto blogger template?
1. It loads faster
2. It looks nice and clean
3. its reader freindly
4. it has three columns - i like templates with three columns

5. its perfect with the space on the bottom for footer widgets.
6. the title page on top gives it the nice effect
7. the links that we provide for each word is highlighted and matches the color of the whole template
8. it has pages, unlike other template that uses older posts

The previous template I used was the google plus blogger template was a great template but maybe I felt out of love of that old template, it also loads fast but the econto template is much faster. I love it! Im head over heels in love with it, but well same happened to all the templates that I have tried, I thought i was in love but then I grew tired and weary of the old templates thats why I changed every now and then. It looks good and feels better this time. Hope it would be for good, for keeps.