19 November 2011

Itlog maalat and daing na bangus

Thats what I prepared for breakfast, itlog maalat and daing na bangus. It does not require any culinary expertise. The itlog maalat peeled and then mixed with onions and tomatoes and the marinated bangus fried, and then alas you have now a very colorful breakfast.

Itlog maalat

daing na bangus


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Zelmarq said...

thank you for taking time to read....i dont know if im doing the right thing here, but one thing im sure of....i love what im doing...

many thanks again my friend.

Daing said...

Wow, Pinoy na Pinoy ang ulam! Sarap ng daing at itlog na maalat!

pinoy_oman said...

I missed so much this itlog na maalat at daing na bangus.

I love this for breakfast.

I wish I could have this for breakfast when I get home.

Cheers Zelmarq.