03 November 2011

My dream

I woke up at around 3:30 in the morning, it was coco's (our cute adorable dog) bark that woke me from my sleep, he was so noisy, his bark was so loud that I find it hard to sleep again. Then, I had this dream.....The dream was somewhere in our hometown in Liloan cebu, it was a huge place, t was then I went inside a room filled with children, many of them were my cousin's children and our neighbors in Liloan, they were tired and all sleeping and seemed tired of waiting for me. I saw my aunt Balen, aunt Gabina and aunt Lina and Lita, they were the ones who brought the children, they said they waited  coz they know I was busy. Then in my dream I asked them if they already ate dinner but said they have not eaten yet. I went out to buy some food for them and served it to all of them. Then another scene came there were small tables for the children with huge crayons, and many pictures to be colored for the children, These were huge paper or somewhat coloring book that were all stories from the bible. In my dream it was already late in the evening but I saw more children, like in a conference they were so excited to color and they started qouting verses from the bible while coloring.

I woke up late, it was past 5am and I hurriedly went down to cook breakfast. It was a nice dream, there was peace and joy and children, and I wonder why my aunts were there in my dream. What could be the meaning of my dream....Im guilty of not yet sharing the gospel to them for they are devout catholics and might get angry with me. Now I have decided in my heart to really share to them the gospel when I get home to Cebu.

I know the Lord will reveal in the days to come.


kimmy said...

a very nice dream, indeed! the fact that you felt peaceful and joyful might mean something nice coming your way..

got something for you, girl! i hope you find time to check it out right HERE!

Zelmarq said...

hi again kimmy, its nice of you to come and visit me again, thank you for taking time to read. Yes, im so hopeful and inspired to continue what ive started......