14 December 2011

A day of smile

December 11,2011  Was a day of smile. A day of smile to the Badiongon kids, parents and visitors. The days before December 11,2011 were rainy days from monday to saturday. And from monday to saturday I prayed for sunshine and it was an answered prayer. Praise God!, He gave us a sunny and happy day. I was worried coz there was no bigger and covered place where we can have our party but the backyard of one of the houses there, if the rain poured it would be such a lonely christmas party. Thank God also for those who shared their time and blessings to make the party a success, it was something the children will remember for the rest of their lives. It was just something to those who shared, but to the children it was something that made the birth od our saviour special. A day of smile for the parents and the visitors who also laughed and played with us. And the food was a manifestation of God's faithfulness and goodness.



dang said...

Hello Zelmarq...still following your blogs...you seem to have the heart for others...such great act of kindness for this season:-) God bless you always:-)

mikexplorer said...

hi there.. how are you? stay happy always..