13 December 2011

I ran for a cause

the gray jersey

running for a cause

the map

its nice to run and

my race number

The last fun run that I had for this year. Its nice, though I was not able to have the training before the run but still I ran for it was for a cause. It was for or handicapped brothers and sisters and Im glad through running I was able to share my blessings and also had picture taking with the handicapped brothers. The first time I saw a race with wheelchairs and there was joy in the faces of the racers. I plan to participate in races or fun runs that will be helpful for our less fortunate bothers and sisters. Let us support them.


dang said...

Hello Zelmarq...i am so glad you have such opportunity:-) may God bless you as you continue to tread the path of kindness to others:-) So beautiful...you are such a beautiful person:-)

Zelmarq said...

hello dang, it took this time to read this comment and im so thankful you gave me such a nice comment....so sorry for the delayed reply...