18 January 2012

Blog's Award: One Lovely Blog Award

After receiving the blog award of One Lovely Blog yesterday January 17, 2012, now once again I received One  Lovely Blog Award from Arkulet of From wala to okay. Just only met her recently in a group and so we both stumble on each other blogs, I don'k know why she pick mine as one of the recipient of the awards, but I do appreciate thanks Arkulet for passing me this award.

The award has no definite rule of giving it, but just to pass this to your blogging friends whom you find friendly, interesting and informative. Actually its just me you can also give this award to your enemy and maybe this could be the start of a good friendship. Remember don't forget to thank the one that gave you this award, and mention it on your post, Try also to let them know that you gave them an award.

So without further ado here are the recipients of the award "One Lovely Blog Award":

 Soulful of http://sowlpul.info/
 Spiritually Directed of http://spirituallydirected.blogspot.com/