25 January 2012

Fitness Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Fitness Can Benefit Cancer Patients 

by: David Haas
Guest blogger

Studies show that both cancer patients and survivors have improved health and a better quality of life when it comes to exercise. Exercise is a way to keep focused on a goal rather than focus on one’s illness. It helps the patient achieve a more positive outlook throughout their treatment. Doctors readily agree that a fitness program provides a variety of benefits such as, increased muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. In addition, the body releases natural chemicals into the bloodstream that help to exert stress and fight pain. Any way you look at it, exercise is a good way to stay in shape and feel better, both mentally and physically.

Many cancer treatments take a toll on the body and leave the patient feeling fatigued and off balance, even well into recovery. In addition, with lethargy and mood swings, it can be hard for one to maintain enough energy, stay focused and be productive throughout their day. Staying healthy does not only concern the physical part of one’s well being but it is mental as well. With having regular exercise, both mind and body benefit from everything that overall positive health and fitness provide.

Staying active with exercise benefits a plethora of people; however, this statement is especially true with the fight against cancer. Exercise helps people undergoing the entire cancer process, from diagnosis and treatment to remission. Keeping the body strong is important and regular exercise provides the strength and energy to undergo treatments for mesothelioma or any other type of cancer. In fact, any increase in physical activity through exercise has a manifold effect on multiple body systems.

Keep in mind that people are more likely to stick with exercise if they do it with friends or family members. Getting fit can involve anything from joining a gym, running, swimming or just taking a walk. Always be sure to get a doctors advice before starting an exercise regimen. Doctors and medical personal will be glad to help you with an exercise program or refer you to a physical therapist or other specialists for additional recommendations.

Remember to select a fitness program that is right for you. Someone with mesothelioma will approach exercise differently than someone with prostate cancer. The good news is that there are countless exercises to suit every particular need or requirement. Getting out and about with some kind of exercise regimen keeps the mind occupied and helps you to stay more goal-oriented. Challenge yourself with exercise on a continual basis and not only will you get stronger, but stay more positive in the process.




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