18 January 2012

I have learned to eat balut

It was an experience worth remembering and a learning I think im going to get addicted to. I started eating the pinoy with no balut but when I have tried the balut ( only 16 days old) I realized the balut is much yummy than the pinoy, coz the balut has this somewhat water substance that is good when its hot. The first lesson is to open a small part on the large part of the egg, slowly open it enough where you can place a little bit of salt and hot vinegar, then sip it (its really good) try this procedure and slowly open or expose some parts of the egg, then eat the yellow part, for a newbie like me I started out removing the dark part of the egg, hehehehe, until now I still dont have the courage to eat that part since Im still learning to appreciate that but soon, I'll have the courage to do it.'Eat everything with salt and the hot vinegar coz it goes well together and its good to finish it with ice cold coca-cola to complete the meal.


Shalum said...

that's the way to eat balut!:) i can never eat the dark chicken part. but good luck to you!:D

Zelmarq said...

Until now Im still so safe when it comes to eating balut, no to the dark parts and the hairy things..... Im glad you are of those who eat balut on blogger.