05 January 2012

Tent city for sendong victims

A picture of hope... a city o hope... (Courtesy of ABS_CBN.com)
Sendong came with a bang, we cried for dead and lost  relatives, friends, neighbors but God is with us through all these pains. Though we may end the 2011 with painful memories and face the 2012 with renewed strength and hope in our hearts that all will be well. Hand in hand we can make it through one step at a time. A whole new beginning, new year, new hope and new perspective for 2012. Sendong taught us to be strong, taught us to share, to help others, taught us to use water wisely when the supply was very limited and got satisfied with whats available, taught us to share to those who needs towel, clothes, food, water and our shoulders to cry on and taught us to listen to their stories of survival. Life goes on and we learn each day, it doesnt stop its a lifelong process. This picture above shows a picture of hope, the tent city, where they start a new with families and relatives and neighbors, it may not be as comfortable as their previous houses but its more comfortable than the evacuation areas where, its crowded and not suitable for children.

Another city has risen in Cagayan de oro, and id like to call it hope city.

God bless us all.



dang said...

If not for this post i would have not known what the tent city looks like...thanks for this post zelmarq...a TENT CITY...A CITY OF HOPE:-)... now we are slowly rising:-) God bless:-)

Zelmarq said...

Id like to go there dang, i know a lot of people would like to talk about just anything, aside from the food and the relief goods, these people ned our listening ears and undertsanding hearts, hope we could find time and share our lives to them. Thank you for the comment. God bless! Id like to see you very soon in person.