21 February 2012

Modified wordless bracelet

I have decided to make a modified version of the wordless bracelet, the typical wordless bracelet is made of macaroni beads and a leather type cord. Its hard to find the macaroni beads, I have tried looking for it in major stores and fabric shops but it was very limited. Then, one night, I saw this lady wearing a certain tribal bracelet and I noticed it was almost the same color as the wordless bracelet except that there was no white bead. So I have decided to modify the wordless bracelet and use the cute dark brown nylon thread and use the very cute bead  instead.  I had difficulty in locking the two ends so I decided to pay extra 50 pesos for the demo on how to make the lock, the guy was kind enough to tutor me on how to make loops for the lock and  was a fast learner and was excited enough to try the craft at home. The first tries were not that durable coz the first bracelets lost the lock, so from there I have learned my mistakes and improved my craft to make more quality wordless bracelets.

Materilas for the wordless bracelet:

small tribal beads

dark brown nylon thread #16

courtesy of www.missionsresources.com



kim said...

hmmmm.. wish I were as creative as you! :D

Zelmarq said...

hi kim thank you for the comment....