18 February 2012

Pandesal and arroz caldo

Pandesal is a common part of the breakfast meal paired with scrambled egg or the common panawsaw sa cape sa umaga, its and extra treat when its served hot. I love the smell of freshly baked pandesal, reminds me of papa bringing pandesal or monay for us when we were still kids. Pandesal reminds me of papa, the smell and thought of pandesal brings back the time when papa was around, making me miss my papa.The arroz caldo on the other is  not the common treat, childhood memories of arroz caldo is associated with being sick, mother would prepare yummy arroz caldo, it was something special, it reminds me of a mother's pampering, a mother's care. Its the complete meal.

After sendong, I now have a whole new  meaning of pandesal and arroz caldo. Pandesal is the partner of the arroz caldo for feeding the evacuees in sendong evacuation centers. Its the complete meal for the kids, for the mothers and fathers who have new hopes and new vision for the future. As the start anew they face the new life with the hope in Jesus their savior. Their hearts have been touched by the Lord and have made them receptive and making them realize to cling unto that someone who can give them rest in these times and can strengthen them each passing day. I felt shame of my selfishness, shame with my self centeredness and shame with how I spent my time. I felt guilty with the concerns I have for myself, myself and myself. God opened my eyes to many truths, and Im not closing them now, Im trying to open it to I can see that I play a role to play in the great harvest. Time where we can invest in other people's lives, with eternal bearing.

Apart from the hunger for food, I saw in the faces of the children and even the young and the old, the once young and the young at heart, I saw their hunger for listening ears and hearts, am I ready for that? Am i willing? DO I have time?

This saturday is over and many saturdays will come to more pandesals and arroz caldos to share' I hope we can all take part in pandesal and arroz caldo filled days.

arroz caldo inside the caldero

loving his arroz caldo