16 March 2012

Two weddings, one month

Its march not June, but the first month that I made two thank you cards for two weddings.
I had so little time to prepare but I guess the adrenaline rush pushed me to finish the thank you cards on time. I have to do double time and have to endure late sleeping just to finish my target dates.
for March 17, 2012, Kuya Tata's wedding
 The first time I used tulip borders for my thank you cards. I wonder why didnt thought of this the past years. Its another look and a touch of elegance.
March 8, 2012, Jovy's wedding
 The first time I sued the picture background for the design. I just tried one copy 
and when I saw that it was ok to print it using parchment paper. 

other design for Jovy's wedding
Kuya Tata's thank you cards without the sequins and the silver cord



kim said...

you made them yourself? they are pretty..

Zelmarq said...

yes, i made them,ive been making them the past few years and the first ones have all the same design, so this year i decided to make it more elegant and add another twist to it making it more personalized.

Zelmarq said...

thank you kim for the compliment...i give those thank you cards as gift for the bride and the groom.