15 April 2012

Bookmark collection

Im not a bookworm, I start reading one book today and the next day I'll read another without finishing the first and then forget about it days after and then when I remember I get the book again and start over again.Hmmmm, there are lots of distraction to my reading adventures, first is that I have that ningas cogon attitude, always procrastinating things, im glad I have these bookmarks to help me. The all time bookmark favorite is the metal bookmark from singapore, I love to use it when im reading, very convenient and I just love it!

metal bookmark from mam cathy ; singapore with love

the cute cat shaped bookmark from kitty: Hongkong with love

Jhai jhai gave me this inspiring and colorful bookmark; Surigao with love

I bought this for myself

bought this also

and I also bought this one



kimmy said...

i, however, am a bookworm, lol! i won a metal bookmark from a parlor game in a birthday party. i still have it..

Zelmarq said...

hello kimmy, its nice to see you comment again. wow a metal bookmark is such a rare item, i tried looking for one but nada...were blessed that we have one...have a nice day and take care!!!

Shalum said...

i have so many of those too! i am inspired to take photos too!:)

Zelmarq said...

wow its nice shalum that i inspired you to take pictures, im excited to see and comment....