12 April 2012

A night @ Max's

After a long day's work, we decided to have a break and treat ourselves with food, food and food. Thats the only four people with different personalties agree, FOOD. So it was Max's, something we have not tried before was the theme but as always we ended ordering the group's favorite Lechon Kawali as the star for the night, sinigang na hipon,  fresh lumpia, buko pandan
 The thought of food comforts me, how comforting it would when Im infront of them to comfort me with the scent and sight of great food . Wow!
im humgry na!

so what's our order?

mam madz you look better when you are smiling, ma Ai you look lovely!

thank you for the kind waiter who took this picture


fresh lumpia - our starter - love the scent of the veggies and the sauce that melts in your mouth with chewy nuts that compliments with the sauce and the fresh lumpia

ma Ai getting excited and counting the minutes

 I wish I had a bigger stomach to lavish with lots of food, but I only have a limited stomach and could not consume much....
Love this trio...can I ask for more? much more?
Thank you Lord for your provision, for Your faithfulness each day of our lives, even when at times we are not faithful, thank you for the work you have given us through which you use us to serve our subscribers: smiling subscribers, old subscribers, funny subscribers and irate subscribers, thank you for the people that we work with each day, people whom we have have shared or lives with for many years.