13 April 2012

Tuyom and startfishes

I call it tuyom  since I dont know what that black living thing beside the starfishes is called in the english language. Reminds me of happy moments with officemate during summer outing. The smiles of those who were once with us and now already just a memory while others are still here through the many years of hard work. They say its poisonous and the only cure available for that is urine. Yes urine, you heard it right. I have witnessed our officemate sir malon one company outing, he went to the deep part of the sea to snorkel without gear and was not aware that were lots of tuyoms there and he got hurt. The sting according to was painful and so we have to look for a guy to unrinate his foot and then the company nurse helped in getting the black needle like  tuyom from sir marlon's foot. It was a not so nice outing experience for sir marlon and for those who witnessed it , but also a lesson that next time we should be very careful .

Im still trying to think about the english term for tuyom. I need to make more research and post the results here.