09 May 2012

Get paid with Intichat

Wow, Im just a little excited and all.
Cathy introduced me Intichat with all the perks and the earnings we could get through having minimum of 5 referrals and a lot more. if this is true then we can enjoy socializing and earning at the same time. Well, all we can do is try and see if the system is working or not. The page looks like facebook but there a few cte things to interest you aside from the earning capability which is laid down. There's this mega points area where you can chose from gadgets to psps and to laptops...sounds exciting and promsing I hope its a happy ever after story and wont end like other scams which polluted the net.

To all happy intichatting


covnitkepr1 said...

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Zelmarq said...

Hello ther convi, sure sure, its my pleasure, thank you for the visit...