10 May 2012

Red velvet vs blueberry cheesecake

blueberry cheesecake
Red velvet
 Red velvet cake is getting famous nowadays looks yummy with the red velvety look that's calling you to have a bite  and I just got curious about the said cake and asked our messenger to buy two cakes, my all time favorite blueberry cheesecake and the red velvet cake. They looked cute round and small, and hmmmm would be enough for four people. I got excited and had a bite of the red velvet, wow it was creamy soft and felt like it melted on my mouth, strawberries, the cream, the taste of vanilla, it was yummy.  Call it bias bu, when i had the bite of my favorite blueberry cheesecake, I said I liked the blueberry cheesecake than the red velvet. Wahehehehehe of course its my favorite and for me its the best cake. Since I dont have an oven at home the simplest cake that I can do for my family is the blue berry cheese cake, I would want to bake but the absence of an oven makes it hard for me to experiment in the kitchen with cakes. But my younger brother said he could bake a using the kaldero  ( cooking pots that filipinos generally use) instead.

So, for you it is blue berry cheesecake or red velvet?