10 June 2012

Excited about IOS application for blogger

Im excited about the new IOS application for blogger and I cant wait to try it, but the big question is how am I going to do it without the ipodtouch or iPhone to start with. Well, thats the problem that i have to solve first. Blogger announced that they are also excited like me, its nice to have people looking forward for something techy and all  having this cool announcement from blogger. Its something taht we have in our technology and its good news to those who are savvy and goes what with  whats new around and something thats never been tried. Wanted so much to have this kind of stuff on my phone but I have to secure it first.

Things to do:

1. Save for the target project.
2. Look for cheaper or second items online. Though the new iPhone would be a lot better but Im practical and having second hand items wont bother me. As long as its not damaged and is still fully functional why not? I mean, its something that I can only afford and wont be that heavy on my budget.
3. Seek friends' help in securing the target item, i dont mind if its the older version as long as its iPhone, wahehehehehe, its really what goes with the IOS application and its whats stated there and what they have.
4. Or the last option is to see if it can be done with cheaper phones in the market, coz if its possible then i can settle for other phones that iphone, its quite expensive and maybe it would take me longer to save that amount for the iphone, wahehehehe.

And my list ends there, Id  look for other options and still enthusiastic with the best that blogger can offer to bloggers like me.


randy said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



Zelmarq said...

Hi aileen, its a seven year relationship and going strong, wahehehehe, i sent the galaxy pocket for checking to cebu, the head set cant be detectted and its under warranty, im still using the old phone and im still loving it. Thank you for the visit.