10 June 2012

Pr dropped from 2 to 1

My pr dropped from  2 to one.I checked it on their site and confirmed that its really my new pr.
Its a sad news to start the day but, its the reality. I know I have been responsible how things went and how it made that drop. I was not that active in updating this blog for I guess there was no motivation enough to post or I just ran out of creative juices to blog about. Well, lesson learned, I have to exert enough effort to give it another chance and to improve it somehow. I have to think of ways to bring it back to life.

Things to do:

1. Update my blog as constant as possible.
2. Post interesting topics, introduce new ideas.
3. Post cute pictures that would also catch the attention of my readers.
4. Make sense on my posts.
5. Comment on other posts to get noticed by other bloggers.
6. Update my rss feeds on facebook so that when I update my blog it automatically adds a link on facebook and there will be traffic through facebook.

Well, that's the list that I'll be doing during the week. I know it wont come overnight but I hope it works and by next month hopefully it will be good news for me.