08 July 2012

Sunday, the busiest day of the week

I love sundays, its the busiest day of the week but why am I loving it?
I have prepared a list with pictures to help you understand why.

1. I love sundays coz its the day we gather together in the morning to share God's word as group in our training center. Its nice to wake up early in the morning and honor God through reading and meditating on His word.

2.I love sundays coz after the quiet time all will be busy doing each of our responsibilities in preparing foe the fellowsip. Others sweep the fallen leaves outside, others arrange the hall, the chais and ,mop the floors, and Jhai does the cooking of the breakfast every sunday, others clean the 5 crs of the center, and I prepare the elements for communion when its first sunday and also does the dish washing.

3. I love sundays coz its the day we meet and fellowship with fellow christians in teh arise christian ministries, meet new friends, and get the chance to teach the children to learn more about God and also sing songs and share bible stories and share food.

4. Afther the fellowship all will participate and help one another in cooking for the lunch. They say that many chefs spoil the broth bt for us, it what makes the broth yummy, the swat of all who help in the task of cooking. Others help in slicing the vegetables, frying and preparing the table and making the juice for lunch.

5. After the lunch I am one of those who help in washing a heap of dishes and a few cooking pans and frying pans spoons and forks and plates and also glasses. It makes it easier when people volunteer and join in the washing, its a merry washing.

6. And after the lunch off we go to each of our outreaches,  I go to badiangon, a group goes to balulabg, another group goes to iponan and another group goes to capitol grounds. All of the mentioned areas were the areas affected by sendong except for badiangon. The flood was a great devastation but was also a blessing for many were followed for bible study and many committed their lives for the Lord.

Thats quite a long list why I love sundays.
Thank you Lord for this day, thank you for the new life you give and the strength to sustain us that we can do all these things. Our week wont be complete without our busy sunday.

Happy sunday to all!


Rae said...

Sunday is busy for me too! I tend to prepare everything I need for the week on wednesdays.

leira said...

this is so informative.. I learned something new thanks for sharing..

leira said...

this is so informative.. I learned something new thanks for sharing..

Eds said...

Sunday is a busy blogging day for me. lol! This is the only day that i can blog because I'm busy the rest of the week with my work offline :)

Mom Michelle said...

That's what I love about Sundays too. Even for one hour, I get to share with the Lord at the church with my family.:-)

musings on meanderings said...

i tend to keep my sundays free for rest + relaxation, but am always up + ready in case something comes up!

so here's to one busy sunday! ^_^