30 August 2012

I dont want to be sick

There's dengue all over this house with two victims down and I dont want to count myself victim number three and I dont wanna be sick. Please Lord, spare me from the dengue fever. Bim having on an off fever and body pains all over me. I just hope its not dengue. They say its mind over matter, and lots of prayer, God will restore my strength and Im claiming it. I have God's promises  in my heart and Im confident that He will carry me through this sick period in my life.

Why I dont want to be sick?

I have a number of reasons why. First, I dont to be admitted in a hospital with all the needles, dextrose and the medicines to take, I have never been admitted and I just pray it wont get there. This feeling feeling may just be stress and all I need is rest and lots of sleep. Work has been very stressful for me lately and have been so worn out and burned out from work, working for long hours. Sometimes sickness is our way for rest and maybe this is a way for me to pause and rest.

Another reason why I dont like to be sick is missing work, I have lots of work to do and tellering and other after sales thing to finish, and now that Im not feeling well, I left them all behind. well, they can always wait.

And when Im sick I hate to worry my mother, i am not going to tell her about this sick thing, it worries her much, I will tell her after Im well and the spell is over. she is far away, Im the only child who is away from her, all the 6 of them are with her and under her care, while me Im here and away from them alll. I dont want to cause worry to them all. I can take care of myself and I have concern house mates who are ready to give me the care and the pampering i want.

So what Am i going to do?

well, all I have to do is to get some sleep, relax, drink b complex for my body pains, drink plenty of water, eat well, and take calcium and iron folic supplements.  Blog and browse the internet for things that could help me feel good and could chase the sickness away, its all  in the mind and I have to fight and think positive things to help combat the sickness. 


Aileen said...

How are you now? I hope you're doing fine. Stay healthy.

Zelmarq said...

hello ai, im a bit ok and have decided to report for work though im weak im trying to be alert and I could have some rest tomorrow.