17 August 2012

New apps for andriod

Im still on the process of getting to know my android phone and Im happy that Ive got a whole bunch of choices and its almost 200 thousand choices and im just overwhelmed and cant wait to try them all but I really dont have the luxury of time and Ill have to do it nice and slow. I just included and downloaded cs lewis books, but its not complete yet, there were books that was not on their list but eneded up downlaoding the ebook on my laptop instead and started appreciating it. I also have loved recipes and have tried cooking for my house, wooohoo Im excited and eager to try the other recipes. There are more and more apps that caught my attention and I \ll hopefully find time and try them all one at a time, I also have this devotional thats really nice and also downloaded audio bible thats really helping me daily.


kimmy said...

i wish i could also have an Android!

Zelmarq said...

hi kimmy, of course you can have one; its not that hard to secure an andriod these days, there less than 5k