08 August 2012

Rain rain go away

Rain rain go away.

a volunteer saving a flood victim

a padjak driver struggling flooded streets
Never thought rain for a couple of days of non stop could cause a flood like ondoy or more than ondoy.  Let pray for our brothers and sisters in NCR areas who were affected by the flood, that God may sustain them and give them good health despite the flood and provide their needs through others, and comfort to those who lost their loved ones.

Prayer For Flood Victims

Lord, I pray for the people who are trapped in their homes again, seeing their possessions washed away, some of them on their rooftops wet, cold, and hungry. I pray that you be their Rescuer, Provider, Comfort, and Shepherd.
I also pray for ministries (like ours) who are now reaching out to the victims, that you give us the opportunity to be God's Love to them at this hour of need.
In Jesus name, Amen!