01 September 2012

BC Blogger's Meme: What's inside my bag

H,mmm this is the first meme I joined in BC Blogger, Im glad that finally im able to participate and this is my meme number 1.

I had a similar post many years ago on this same blog. It was 13 things inside my bag. Now, I have seen how the 13 things went to many, wahehehhe, its the truth, I didnt not realize that it was that many for me to carry every day. So Here goes nothing.

 Presenting my simple and old bag, I dont have fancy bags but prefer  those non complicated tings, even when Im given fancy bags I just use them for a while and really go to the basics of using my old and simple black bag.
 The blue silicon case, I have here my card reader, my signs pens, highlighter, sharpener, my mechanical pencil, my office drawer keys, lip liner and puller, they all all in one case so that when I need them I just get them I know where to find them.
 I have my blue silicon case my hanky, my journal, and my small wallet for my cards. I still have room for my umbrella and my lunch box inside that simple old black bag;
 And here's the small wallet containing my cards : my atm card, bdo rewards card, land bank cash card, rcbc cash card and more.

My kikay kit, though not much of a kikay, I only have lipstick eyelash curler, lip gloss and eyeliner. Thats the basic stuff I wear when I report for work, nothing fancy, I seldom use powder and blush on and eye make up, I only use them when I feel like a lady, more often I just like the basic things.


Aileen said...

I'm even afraid to use an eyelash curler hehehe...Baka mawala lashes ko lol!...I'm thinking of buying something similar to your blue silicon case. It's nice for holding the smaller stuff...very organized pa. :-)

Zelmarq said...

helo again aileen, yes I like to put little things on that blue silicon case,its only 235 on sm stores. Thank you again for the comment and the visit.