01 September 2012

Its september 1!

I greeted myself with pinoy chrismas songs, its september 1, the ber months has come! Remembering the King, the  Savior, the Lord should be glorified in these times of the year, the thought of sharing to those who are less in life. When we share our time to people we also share our lives. Christmas is about the love that was given to us and its all about spreading that love around us and even those away from us. Its september 1, a day where we can thank the Lord for another day, another life another chance to make a difference for Christ.

Its september 1, and Im glad I get the chance to rest my painful back, and rest from the stress of work. Here early in the morning blogging, reading the alerts and news from the earthquake last nice. Its just nice to hum and sing along with the christmas carols.