01 September 2012

Unripe mangoes

I started my assignment, one blog deleted. I already  deleted my sari saring food blog, its a way of cleaning my dash board, too many blogs to hanlde and care for, so im going to do it one step at a time and now have deleted one. Hopefully i can clean them all.

Unripe mangoes, photo taken when i visited the green lagoon resort in cebu just near our hometown, I associate memories with food and this green unripe mango remind me of that place, my favorite, I love eating green mangoes with salt and chillies and soy sauce, its also best eaten with alamang or bagoong. 

While doing this blog cleaning I have decided to keep my travel blog and have a plan in mind what to do to make it beautiful and as interesting as possible.


Aileen said...

Oh wow I'm having a hard time deciding which of my previous blogs need to be trashed so to speak. I simply disabled viewing to some but they're still there floating around hehehe...I guess I'm kind of sentimental when it gets to my blogs lol!

Sis, I included you here pala --> Liebster Blog Award