21 September 2012

What a day!

My back is aching.
My eyes puffy with staring at my pc and counting the money for whole day even until 9pm, and with still pending payment on the side.
Sad news, maam Ai is diagnosed with stage 1 cancer. Oh, Dear Lord. Just managed to be brave and be strong for her and for us also.
And today though I feel Im so down and exhausted and have been tired with thw whole days work, I still praise the Lord for giving me the strength and for sustaining me even up to this time I as blog my emotions out. Feel like crying when I saw all the people waiting to be served, paying their internet and telephone bills. Its ok then when it started at 8am, I could still keep the pace and the speed in attending but as hours passed I noticed the enthusiasm mellowed a little and when its was 12 noon with a lot more waiters and the room packed with irritated, sleepy, impatience and even hungry people.
I praise the Lord for the strength. I asked for help and He was always there ready to cheer me up and have a positive outlook on a seemingly negative environment, full of complaints and woes.
Thank you Lord.

He said to me on Joshua 1:5 I will not leave you nor forsake you.
Thats a promise I kept all through out the day, a day revealed of positive outlook and a smile to express that God is really there guiding me helping and reminding me to smile despite the odds.

Tomorrow its another day to delight in God's word and allow Him to use us for His kingdom.