07 December 2012

After a week, im better

Im glad Im well.
Last week was a pity. Even when it was already wednesday still my voice was not that pleasing to hear. I sound like an old man, with nose running and eyes swollen with matching tears. I heard a client saying to his wife "she's sick". Well, I pitied myself all the more and felt like crying like a little helpless lady.I was hoping my superman would and rescue me from from the pit of self pity and humiliation but the real thing was that I was alone and realized hat I was not fit to work. It was a relief when my boss called and said I could take the day off the following day and rest. Wow, that was what I wanted to hear and thank you Lord, my prayers were answered.

And now, alas! Im well. Thank you Lord.
My voice is maybe not the normal but I now sound ladylike and no swolen eyes and tears, but itchy throat. Water is my source of relief and I wont mind drinking all the 6 gallons just to chase away the itchiness of my throat.

As I review the past week, one think I have learned. I felt I was too addicted with work that all I think about was work work and work, maybe God allowed that to happen coz it was through that cough spell that gave me that needed 4 day rest.

Tomorrow is another day.