31 January 2013

I lost another coin purse

      I was hoping I left my precious balck coin purse at the office but when I arrived it was not there. I broke my heart for another lost coin purse. Sigh.... Sigh ....Sigh. By far it was one of my favorite coin purses and I have left a 500 peso bill inside that coin purse and that was not mine, it was supposed to be a payment that someone gave to me to be given to someone.

     It was really a bad day.
     It was that tuesday eveneing when I went to national bookstore to buy blaapen, but when I saw Jerry Bridges book I decided to buy, and another book from that I forgot the title, a planner and our daily bread daily devotional. I realized I acted like an impulse buyer coz I just thought of buying ballpen and alas, I bought books and other stuff. But, I really liked the book of Jerry Bridges  Holiness Daily Spiritual Journey. I plan to read and finish that book soon and be blessed with the message then fret on the thought of buying it without planning.

   And about the lost coin purse, my implulse mind came again and thought of buying another coin purse, but I will try to control myself, I guess I have to learn living without the coin purse  to punish myself for being so careless and thoughtless.