22 February 2013

Kampo Juan Birthday

It was my birthday and I spent in a place where there was a whole new adventure experience for me. It the third year in a row that I spent it alone, well sound weird but I like the idea of being in the house and just sleeping and doing. It was a special day and its worth doing something worthwhile and exciting. So for this birthday I decided to try the Kampo Juan adventure.
the moviein my mind

started the day with my all time favorite batchoy

I woke up late and went past 8am, I looked for something to feed my cold and hungry stomach and was glad I passed by La Ilongga and alas, how very soon, in no time I was sipping the warm and spicy soup with delight.

tried the hanging bridge....
the anicycle, the first in asia if not in the world.....

Agora bus terminal and took the bus to Manolo Fortich

It was  a short but enjoyable trip, I bought some ponkan and three pieces of egg to entertain me on my way to adventure, and as usual  we stopped by ala-e for the regular quarantine routine for health reasons and the like for the animals in bukidnon, necessary steps to follow as you enter the province.
welcomed by cool breeze and the chirping of the birds



pinoy_oman said...

Hi Zalmarq,
Happy happy birthday, Good to know that you've spend your special day with a nature adventure.

I haven't been to that place and it looks like interesting to explore.


Zelmarq said...

hello andy thank you for the greeting, it was indeed a nice adventure. Its just near your place, dicklum manolo fortich. Hope u could try this and promote your place as well.