05 March 2013

My Reading List

Here are the books on my reading list

Well, its just a list until I finally decide to do it with love and with proper time management. Easier said than done but its one of the things that I promised to myself for this year: that is to read more books last year. I cant even remember if I was able to finish even five books. This year I wanted to make a difference and start it right.



Aileen said...

Have only read Boy Meets Girl. I had my eye on Dug Down Deep a couple of years ago but because I still had books to read, I passed up on that one for the meantime.

Zelmarq said...

Hello, aileen, its good to see you here again....at least i have a regular commenter and thats you. Thank you so much for the support. Its really good to read books, I am interested in books and I buy them but never had the chance to start reading them by heart.