25 April 2013

5 blogs deleted pagerank back to 2

5 blogs deleted. Yes, Im serious and its deleted, though I still have 90 days to restore it but theres no turning back now. I have exerted much effort on those blogs, it took time, tears and blood but I have decided. This is the original and the only blog left. I just wanted to focus and concentrate here, I dont know how they call it but this blog is like and eclectic blog, you find all ideas scattered in one blog.

Another good news for myself, Im glad that my page rank increase from 0 to 2, wow, I really have no idea how they do it but I guess posts and comments and visits from fellow bloggers would be a great help. Thats why first target us also to visit other blogs, comment and be insoired and fired up and post and post and post to my heart's delight. Though im the only one reading my posts there were just a result of playing with the keyboard and just like talking to myself.

Im giving myself a rebirth to the blogging world. Well, there's nothing new about this point in my blogging life, sometimes its soaring high with high spirits and most often its under the grave. Well, I just hope I can keep the fire burning and the keyboard getting busy with my playing.

Happy blogging every one.


cheekeegirl said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad you're quite enlightened with my thoughts about blogging. I'm happy we're learning from each other. That's the essence of blog-inspiration I think. Always my support and more power to your blog

Zelmarq said...

thank you cheeky its nice that we have learning partners that abound....