27 April 2013

Keeping the promise

Im keeping the promise to myself about the blogging thing. Well, wew its kinda hard since Im not the pro and the expert but just the normal trying so hard blogger. They say it takes 7 weeks for a hobby to become a lifestyle and that would roughly be two months, yikes. Sounds scarry and challenging though but im up to the challenge and the pressure that Im giving myself. It takes patience, patience and a lot of patience and Im keeping my promise.

 1. Promise number one was lesser of facebook, I can say that facebook is a time killer for me, in all fairness to facebook, it doesnt mean that its bad but its all about time management and I have seen how much time I spend on facebook and time wasted. Instead, I have found the nice thing about blogging since there's the monetary part of it which is still 56 dollars with my adsense earnings since I started blogging wahehehehe, still its an achievement and a real motivator.

2. Blog once a day. That not a very hard target I guess, as long as I dont give alibis to myself for not being able to give one post. Its the least I can do and I think, I just think with all my mind that I can do it.

3. Being creative. There are lots of things going on in my mind and all I got to do is work it all out put it something I can see and feel and thats the end of it, getting the results not just mere planning.

4.Do more of my cute stuff, crocheting- since the year started I was not able to make a single coin purse, I got to get started and make even one crochet each week. It could also be something I could blog about.

5. Spend time gardening -  I love the energy and the thrill when Im there getting myself dirty with mud and cow dung for fertilizer and some itch from a  cactus plant.

6. Reading - For the last few months I have been buying books every pay day but the sad thing about it, they just lie gathering dust every single day. Why? Because I thought I can find time to read, but well according to me, Im really busy.

7. Cooking and eating good food for myself. Im not the chef type but I dream to be someone who can be proud of my cooking craft. For now Im still the wanna be the dreamer when it comes to cooking, im not giving up and I have high hopes that I could give my husband to be the best food I could offer.

Wow, my list could go on and on but I have to think of more things that I could promise myself. I just hope I could keep them and say to my self promises are not made to be broken, they are made to inspire us motivate us and challenge us to do the best and be the best.