25 April 2013

Talking to myself


I consider blogging talking to myself. Yes, very much. Its therapeutic, its a way where I can express wrong grammar, nonsense words, nonsense topics and even nonsense pictures to others but to me its something that could keep me sane. When you hold your cellphone and waited for someone to text, its just frustrating. When you are with people but you feel alone and no one could understand, well I just sit infront of my old toshiba netbook and start playing with my keyboard and start talking to myself. Much as I wanted to sleep and rest but cant help it.

Talking to myself.

When the world has gone techy and all and people also got busy with stuff and they refuse to talk to each other coz they chose to chat they chose to facebook and they chose to play candy crush or solve the mind buggling 4 pics one word, I even got so hooked with fruit ninja that I slept 4am just playing it with teary eyes.

Talking to myself.

Blogging, talking to myself. Im just glad we have internet connection at home I can talk to my self a lot easier. before I used to blog in the office making use of my office time with blogging time, and it was long that I realized that I was stealing the company's time. 
I love talking to myself, well I have no choice. Im away from people who can chase my blues away, they are just a call away but I wish one day we can have the chance to be together and just be there for each other, talking listening and sharing lives.



Aileen A said...

Blogging is a great way for expressing one's thoughts. Back in 2004, I just write about random thoughts...over time, I fizzled out because I got bored with spur of the moment writings. And for someone whose life revolves around the office and at home, pretty soon, I run out of interesting things to write.

When I started my health blog, I knew then that I will be in for the long haul because I am now writing with a purpose. And I write not just for self expression but I want to give something of value to anyone who would stop by my site.

So far, so good... :-)

Zelmarq said...

Well, thank again for taking time to read.... Thank you so much.. I will continue doing this even if you are the only one who reads it.